Miracle Stories

"Miracle Stories From Coweta County" is currently only available in print, but will become available in the digital formats in the near future.

eBook versions of Linda's books "Life Within The Veil" and "40 Days Of Healing Devotions" available for reading on all of the popular ereaders of today, including the iPad and Kindle.

For those of you who prefer the comfort of a good old "page turning" book in your hands, you can now order all of Linda's books on line! Once payment is verified, they will be shipped to you within 5 business days. 


393 - "For God So Loved"


392 - "Christmas Gifts"

391 - "Miracle Stories", Part 2

390 - "Miracle Stories" >

388 - "Impact Program"

Show 388-Impact Program from Tom Jennings on Vimeo.